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I've been called in for an assessment/interview for Sky's new Dublin customer care centre. What I was wondering is, does anyone know what the dress code is for this? Is it a suit/tie situation, or would it be more "smart casual" or whatever?

Has anyone done any of these before? If so, what are they like?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Suit.. or at least slacks, shirt and tie

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when in doubt, go formal.
Full suit if you have one, or at least dress shirt, slacks and tie if you don't.
You can never be over dressed, no one will think badly of you for making an effort and looking professional. They will however think badly of you if you are not smart enough, as it looks like you aren't taking the interview seriously.

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Cool, thanks for the help. Suit it is.

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good luck!


I was at one of these during the week and didn't get it.
One recruiter told me I didn't need to prepare anything, so I was expecting an aptitude test and maybe a role play.
It's actually 3 one on one interviews, the first being quite traditional but the others are comptency based. Just make sure you have an example of customer scenarios you've dealt with. It's based on the STAR model.
Finally you will do a 5 minute presentation but I found this part fun.
Very best of luck!

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Nice one, thanks for that. I've worked in customer care before, so coming up with a few scenarios shouldn't be too difficult now that I know I have to. No idea there would be a presentation though, dreading that now! I absolutely hate that sort of stuff. At least I know now, though. What was the presentation on?

Bad luck on not getting it, how soon afterwards did they tell you?


It's should not be anything to worry about, it's all one on one and after the first interview you will be asked about examples of times you acted a particular way and the following questions relate back to the examples you picked, everyone at it is asked the exact same questions as you.
The presentation is fine if it's the same people interviewing you the guy who does this part is really nice and it's only in front of him. He gives you 15mins to prepare it on your own.
Just generally know why you want to work for sky and why they should hire you.
They let me know by email 2 days later, they told us that they'd email us all within a week, if you are called back for the next stage it would probably be the following week.

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Great, thanks for the reply. Put my mind at ease a bit

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Any luck on the job interview? I ask because I just got called for one myself.

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what was the presentation about coz i got an assesment selection with sky this friday and i'm wondering why it takes 2 hours?? how did u get on ?


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It's been a while ago now, but the presentation isn't anything to worry about really. If I remember right, I was given the info on different TV packages and was then given a scenario of a customer's requirements. Then I was given 15mins to prepare and had to present back to the customer what I would advise for them.

Interview went pretty well, I started in Nov

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