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I recently moved house and tried connecting my desktop to the wireless in the new place. It connects no problem and says it is connected but the internet won't work. Pages try to load for ages but nothing. Have connected a phone and laptop to the wireless no problem.

Any ideas what the problem might be and how I can get it sorted? Its been 3 weeks of looking for a solution online and nothing has worked!

Many thanks



So you've a wireless card in the desktop pc?

If you go to control panel and then in to connections and right click on the wireless connection and select properties. Then scroll down to tcp/ip settings to make sure that's set to "obtain address automatically".

excaliburhc Registered User

it would depend on your network setup -
does your wireless supply an address to your computers - if so is there any chance you have a preset address on the desktop --
open cmd window and enter ipconfig /all
do the same on the other machines - the numbers should match up across the board bar the ip address - this should be part of the same series but a differing number

compare the settings and see what happens.
i would also try pinging from the desktop - if you get a response then the issue is dns if you dont then i would do the above and check the address's

let us know how you get on with these and we can go from there


Is your browser offline?

ricko187 Registered User

thanks for the help!

browser is online! not just the browser that is not working, programs like skype I can't log in as well.

I typed ipconfig/all into cmd and the ip address is different to the laptops.
then tried ping and the request timed out twice. 4 packets were sent and only 2 received, not quite sure what this means but all 4 packets were received when I tried it on my laptop.

Do you know what the problem might be?

Thanks again

FSL Registered User

Where is the desktop in relation to the router? It could just be a poor signal or it may be suffering from interference from other wireless devices.

ricko187 Registered User

the router is downstairs and the computer is upstairs and is directly above it. No one else in the apartment seems to have any issues and my laptop works with perfect signal up there.

mach1982 Registered User

frist open a command wiondow




Is there an IP address?.

Sup08 Registered User

Defo an IP issue, maybe the adapter is set to static and router set to DHCP?
Also many devices will allow partial connection if the password is correct but "case" incorrect. Make sure the password is correct.

The try uninstall any AV software or firewalls to ensure they are not blocking connection, especially malwarebytes. Uninstall and reinstall.

ricko187 Registered User

Have checked the password and it is correct. Will check if the firewall is blocking but it worked fine in my last apartment.

Is there anything I can try? Should I call the ISP and see if they can help??

Starting to go a bit mad here!!

Thanks again for the help

Sup08 Registered User

Have you logged into the router to check that the setting are correct for the ISP?
What is the router and who is your ISP?

demanufactured Registered User

As above..go to control panel and networking..adapter settings...make sure ipV4 is set to automatic.
You say other devices are connecting and working fine..so its not a problem with your ISP..dont bother calling them, They wont help.

ricko187 Registered User

My ISP is UPC. How do I log in to check the settings?

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