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Something I threw together over the last few days. Not on the market yet as its probably unstable. GUI leaves a lot to be desired for. So for now a dropbox link, will upload it to the market in time.

Displays your My3 usage in an app. When you open app at first, you can enter your mobile number + password in settings for my3.three.ie. If you don't have an account, click refresh once, and an about dialog will show you last 6 digits of your SIM ICCID. This is needed to register with My3. This will save you having to rip out your battery to look at your SIM card!! (Why do 3 need this!)

Please note, https://my3.three.ie is AWFUL slow. I have included options to increase timeouts in settings if you are having problems.

Mobile friendly: http://db.tt/tJDycHwS

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Damo2k Registered User

Oops guess this should have went into the Android forum.

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Cheapphones Registered User

Great Stuff!!

Damo2k Registered User

I have put it on the Play Store now: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=damo.three.ie

pigeon999 Registered User

Thanks very much I truly appreciate this!

wba88 Registered User

Downloaded, rated, +1'd, tweeted

Damo2k Registered User

Cheers lads.

cgordonfreeman Registered User

Cool. Works well.

kilsmum Registered User

Thanks Damo - downloaded and working a treat


BFassassin Registered User

Was wondering how I could do this. On my old phone bought from 3 there was a simple link. On this new one its a vodafone branded one so its not there.

Thanks for the app

Damo2k Registered User

This has been updated to handle 3's new site:

I think the site is slower than the last one (my3.three.ie) !

The back bones of the site are almost identical. Seems they just updated the web front end a bit. Changed theme of it to fit in with other areas of their websites.

I promise I will get around to making the GUI looking more modern in the app, and possibly add widget and interaction with Calendar to set reminders on internet expiration so your credit doesn't get destroyed.

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Damo2k Registered User

Started working on the UI part of this again. Hope to have something out soon..

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As accessing my3account.three.ie over GPRS coverage is painfully slow (The website itself is already slow, but GPRS coverage, at least for me is almost non functional), I'm planning to put a man in the middle relay/parser on my VPS as an alternative option for retrieving your account info. That way the VPS will do all the work for you. DO people feel comfortable with this ?
Direct access (the way it currently works) will still be available.

Damo2k Registered User

Update rolling out now.https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=damo.three.ie&hl=en

Hopefully its OK for everyone.

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Tom Dunne Comfortably numb

Looks great, Damo. Funnily enough, only yesterday I got me a Three SIM, so your timing couldn't be better. Using it on a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, without issues.

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