pappyodaniel said:
The 'culchie' is almost obsolete what with the internet an' all.


dirtyden Registered User

Someone who devours huge portions of bacon cabbage and spuds with brown sauce (nom nom nom).

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summerskin said:
Nope. It's the cosmopolitan nature of a city that makes it what it is. Beijing and Shanghai are great cities but hardly very cosmopolitan(and yes I've been to them) as they have quite a homogenised feel to them and not much in the way of international influence. as for Mumbai, any city where there are millions of people living in rubbish dumps can't really be considered sophisticated or cosmopolitan. All the cities I lived in, though, can.

Dublin just has a small town, culchie feel in comparison.

I will give you New york and London as cosmopoiltan, but Manchester??

Dublin is more cosmopolitan than Manchester, and that is coming form a culchie not an over defensive dub.

Dublin does not come close to Manchester as a city, sorry. Manchester has a buzz about it that Dublin could only dream of. Leeds is better than Dublin too. Dublin feels like going back in time in comparison.

It's just my opinion though.

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Donnielighto Registered User

mikemac1 said:
Salute people you meet as you are driving or walking always. You must salute, it's the rules

You know what 10-10-20 is

You always go to mass but you never actually go into mass, you stand outside on the porch with the men
Those inside are women and children

on the ball

Sir Gallagher Registered User

This is basically the epitome of culchiedom.

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kfallon said:
Still better than Leitrim

I suppose, must learn to appreciate the small blessings

Marcusm Registered User

Sar_Bear said:

Owning a pair of green wellies for the fields, not fancy ones for music festivals.

Green wellies for poshos and townies, black wellies for fields and bogs (pref hand me down Dunlop ones, last forever).

Marcusm Registered User

kfallon said:
A culchie is someone who heads straight for Coppers the minute they arrive in Dublin with sandwiches wrapped in tin foil in their pocket. Usually wear a shirt under a round neck jumper.

That's guards (mostly married) not culchies!

Marcusm Registered User

bb1234567 said:
Limerick and galway arent cities, waterford is most definitely not, cork is just barely a city, more like a large town, Dublin is the only true city and thats not even big.

You left out Kilkenny.

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Topless Culchies

If you thought Riverdance made Irish culture sexy, then brace yourself.

Wild wellie-wearing rural rogues from around the country will raise temperatures and set pulses racing as Cork prepares to host the raunchiest ever All-Ireland Culchie Festival later this year.

And organisers have promised the rich hurling and farming region of Cloyne in East Cork will never be the same again.

They are planning a pole-dancing competition and a topless Irish dancing display — events which are sure to get binder-twine belts and braces in a twist. Male culchie contestants will be expected to swivel and gyrate their way through the pole-dancing competition using a traditional Irish telegraph pole, complete with splinters, with female culchies using a bus stop.


kfallon Registered User

Marcusm said:
That's guards (mostly married) not culchies!

Most gardai are culchies


Culchie is mostly used disparagingly. It's an awful word. It's a lazy sleight. Up there with bogger.


Someone Who grew up on a farm

Donnielighto Registered User

mikemac1 said:
Waterford is Ireland's oldest city
With that Viking reference in your location you should know this

And you left out Kilkenny!

Tuam was officially a city at one point, doesn't mean it still is. Waterford isn't a city, hell it isn't even a town, it's a ****hole.

Fight_Night Registered User

In reality I'd only consider people from the bog and such to be culchies but if you are from Ireland and don't have a Dublin accent I'm going to call you a culchie. Nothing malicious in it, bitta banter ya know.

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