Ambersky Registered User

I dont know if this is the correct place for this query but i am having a bit of difficulty with the New Look Boards.
The print size is way too small for me and I dont know how to enlarge it.
Other websites that I visit havent changed it is just on Boards that I have this problem.
How do i get the text size back to normal?

Spear Moderator

Which browser?

28064212 Registered User

Press "Ctrl + 0" (zero)

Ambersky Registered User

I use firefox.
Thanks 28064212 that worked.
Is that little trick only applicable here on boards or is it something commonly used?
Delighted with the outcome anyway.

Spear Moderator

This was a local browser issue, and not related to the skin change. And as such I'll close this now.

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