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I am signed up for the 'Marathon des sables 2013'. I am looking for past and futur participants, for tips and preparation to share. I am French and live in south Dublin. Roland

Zuppy Registered User

Learn to hike fast with walking poles. :-)

rolandm Registered User

Oh! Thank you...

robinph Moderator

There are people here who have done MDS, just please do not ask to see pictures of their feet.

Not really any idea about it myself, but the James Cracknell Discovery Channel program where he did it might be worth a watch. I'm sure it is constantly being repeated:

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Zuppy Registered User

You would be surprised at the amount of people who don't train to walk.

Also after you pack, unpack about a third of the weight. Or eat the weight faster. :-) the French contingent seemed to be better at carrying less weight than the Anglo group.

Zuppy Registered User

And my cute little toes only looked bad. I still have the feet of a hippo that does ballet. :-)

rolandm Registered User

Excellent! Thanks Robinph

robinph Moderator

I'm sure your feet are lovely Zuppy, I think it might have been HM's toes that caused the distress.

rolandm Registered User

Zuppy, did you carry your own compedes and other feet care or did you rely n MDS?

RayCun Registered User

there are a few other old threads on MdS here, if you search the forum...

rolandm Registered User

Just found this dedicated MDS forum:

lgk Registered User

The good folks at Likeys offer advice via their Facebook page, particularly in relation to kit which they sell.

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