• 6th October is spot on as a date (10%)
  • I would prefer a date earlier than 6th October (16%)
  • I would prefer a date later than 6th October (2%)
  • The date isn't a big deal for me, I'd like to do the event in any case (8%)
  • 45 euro is too expensive (24%)
  • 45 euro is a reasonable price (10%)
  • I would like the option to contribute more, given that the money goes towards mountain rescue (0%)
  • I would prefer a fixed price structure to a sponsorship structure (28%)
  • I would prefer a sponsorship structure to a fixed price structure. (2%)
mickleod Registered User

Hi folks,
Just looking for a bit of info on an event that we are planning to run. All proceeds will go to Dublin Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team, so i hope you won't mind answering a poll for us.

We are planning a 3/4 marathon distance (or a little shorter) trail race in the Dublin Mountains at the moment. We are looking for a bit of input on the date and also what is a reasonable price for the event.

We have earmarked 6th October for the run, so three weeks in advance of the Dublin City Marathon. Is this something you'd do as prep for your marathon?

The price we have thought about is 45 euro. Given that all proceeds go to charity, is this a reasonable cost?

Thanks in advance,
Mick O Donnell.

BeepBeep67 Registered User

6th of October will clash with XC Day 1 (7th) for most counties

Slogger Jogger Registered User

Clashes too with the well regarded 3/4 marathon in Athlone which is establishing itself as a great preparation race for the Dublin City marathon.

i008787 Registered User

Agree with the sentiment that if it clashes with the 3/4 marathon in Athlone you will lose loads of potential runners.

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