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Hey guys,

Anyone have any info on where I might get an LED interior dome light? The stock light is terribly weak... It's a 2000 Corolla. Also, any info on fitting it would be appreciated too!


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Ebay is probably your cheapest bet, halfords have them too but there dearer -

iirc its a 36mm festoon bulb that the dome light uses in a corolla the same as above. Its only a matter of pop off the cover, pop out bulb, put in new bulb, pop cover back on and job done!

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Just looked at OP link and he seems to have picked a rainbow coloured bulb, I think all the ones I linked to were white but if you have a poke around dealextreme, you might find something.

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Thanks for all the replies. I was thinking of replacing the entire fixture though with an LED one, and maybe adding an extra one. The sunroof on my car means the dome is located really far back giving very little light to the dash. Any advice on that? Anyone done it?

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