Ellie1984 Registered User

Hi, wonder if anybody can help me with this issue. Youtube and most of the videos i try to stream are buffering a lot. So far I tried:
- rebooting modem, restarting computer
- run a speed test and getting: 39dl, 3.17ul, 69ping. All ok as I'm on UPC 30MB
- tried with ethernet and no difference
- changed the channel on the wireless
- cleared my cache, done a defrag and updated my version of flash

Any ideas?

iMuse Registered User

Seems to be a UPC issue as others have had problems, see here

GEO147 Registered User

Having major issues with Youtube and my UPC connection tonight. Really sick of it. 100meg which when I got it first was blown away by how good youtube worked but in last week or two it gone to the dogs.

Resets of router ect do no good.

N64 Registered User

I don't necessarily think it is a UPC issue. I tried it on my friends DSL line and its acting the same

mark17j Registered User

I thought it was just me, was having probs loading youtube vids last night, on UPC 30mb. all the speedtests i took were fine.

ED E Registered User

Probably just some load management issues on YT's end.

Simply Red Registered User

Same here on 30mb UPC, youtubes nearly unusable for the last 2 weeks or so

blaz Registered User

Works perfectly fine for me in Dublin 1 (UPC 25 Mbps).

Bambi Registered User

blaz said:
Works perfectly fine for me in Dublin 1 (UPC 25 Mbps).

25 Mb UPC here, deffo slow load times on tubeyoob, I suspected it was YouTube itself due to the weird buffering

Ben D Bus Registered User

Absolutely dire for me last night. Even low bandwidth streams just wouldn't play. Occasionally a F5 refresh would fix it instantly but mostly Youtube was completely unwatchable. UPC 30Meg

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ckpt Registered User

UPC is experiencing this all across Europe. I'm from Vienna, Austria, have a 20Mb UPC connection and can't watch Youtube for sh*t. It's been going on for the last week and a half or so...

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