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Hi Guys,
I have been thinking of moving from recurve to compound the thing is I have never gotten the chance to shoot a compound bow. Is there anyone on here who would like to help me out by "giving me a go" with their bow.
A bit about myself:
I currently shoot in Greystones with Wicklow Archers (formerly Woodbrook Archers), and I live in the Greystones area. I am 6ft tall so I believe my drawlength on a compound would be about 29". As I have no experience with compound bows I don't believe I would be able to draw any bow that is either quite heavy (>54lb) or one which has aggressive cams. I once got the chance to draw a Bernardini Skorpion set up at 53lb which was no problem, but then again I was unable to draw a Hoyt Vantage Elite with Spiral X cams set up at 56lb.
If anyone can help me out or give me some advice it would be much appreciated.


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Hi B,

Compound are fun to shoot -the main shooting technic is the same as for recurve but you want to be controling your breathing to increase your accuracy. you shouldn't start with a powerful bow to start with or you could do muscle damage. You should pick a bow that has a good range of pull, something like 40 to 60# and a range of drawback of 26 to 29". Start with pulleys as cams are more violent -though- they've got better and smoother over time.

as much a possible start with a deflex riser as it is more foregiven than a reflex one and I use to get one size arrow up on what I should shoot as it increases resistance and the life of the limbs. though that was my own style - not always possible for outdoor but I always did it indoors.

If you want I have a cheap compound you're welcome to buy from me - It is an "old" design now as it is few years now that I stopped but I shot my PB at 582 indoor (with inner 10 on 40cm tri-phase) and regularly over 1100 fita outdoor (inner 10 too) with it - somehow reluctant to let it go as it is a custom bow but I'd rather have someone using it. let me know if you're interested.

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Hi Slaacer,

Thanks for responding to my thread. I was thinking that I wasn't going to have any replies. I certainly don't want to do any muscle damage, so I will definately be looking to shoot a relative low power bow. Would I be right in guessing you shot recurve for some time before you moved to compound? If so what was your reason to move from recurve to compound? Can I ask you what you shoot now?

In relation to this bow could you Pm me a price and some pictures?
(note to moderators, I hope this exchange is ok even though it is not in the 2nd hand equipment sticky)


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hi brian,
moving from recurve to compound is a big thing,
if you havent shot a compound before, ask a club member or a friend for a go.

With the draw weight issue, you can change the draw weight of the bow loads of diffrent ways, my own bow is 50#-60# and i have it set at around 54#, its not too heavy but after shooting 126 arrows at the ukifacs last weekend my arm was falling off

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Hi Brian. Talk to Rohan at the club. There's a compound available to try out if you are interested. There's also a few compound archers who would be glad to give you pointers.

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what stephen said.


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Hi Guys,

Thanks for the responses. As I initially said I really would like to have a go with a compound before I decide to get one.

Thanks, I will talk to Rohan on Wednesday; I was unaware that there was a compound in the club that I could try out.

Note to any compound archers with "Wicklow Archers": I will be down in Shoreline this Wednesday and I would very much appreciate meeting some of you.

Thanks again,

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Hi Brian,

may be to avoid any issue I'll pm you my number and we can discuss my compound.

your draw length should remain the same - may be slightly different in that we don't have a clicker and for eg I use to play with the length of the arrow when shooting indoor as I was shooting max diameter which was too stiff for my draw weight in order to "soften" the arrow - thing you can't really do in recurve.

No I actually only did the beginner's class in recurve then I passed straight on to compound - it was relatively new then and never looked back. I had no problem shooting double fita with 60# but that came with time and training.

Thought the basics of shooting remains the same the technic is different and one absolute key essential is to find a release that works for you - in that I mean one that you are comfortable with. Mine is an old one with a sling as I find them smoother in the release but people are different.

when you try for the first time give it couple of sessions before making up your mind as at first it will feel really different.

if you're in Wicklow and Keith Hanlon is still around check with him he'll be the best to advise you as he is the most experienced recurve archer but also shoots compound pretty good too !

Hope this helps

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