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First one for me was the World Cup in Mexico '86, although I remember nothing from the event, barr the replays of Maradonas Hand of God against the English, I did at the time know that there was a major event going on, mainly due to getting a money box in the shape of the WC Mascot. The first WC I actually remember watching was Italia '90, the shot out agaisnst Romania in the second round and then the loss to the Italians in the quarters.

I remember the Seoul '88 Olympics, not for any of the events on the field, but for the political discussion that was going on at the time around it. First one I remember watching was Barcelona '92 and that song by Freddie Mecury and the Oprea lass.

Oddly, before England '96, I didn't even know that there was a European football championship, other than reruns of Suttgard '88 on Reeling in the Years, and a song by Christie Moore.

So, over to you, good people of AH, what were yours?

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breaking my thumb while in goal in Croke Park on a school tour

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Italia '90, don't remember much about it except for the Irish team songs and my uncle giving my brother an Italia '90 football

Remember USA 94 much better, anyone else remember the posters super valu gave away with all the different players on them, and the flip up cards of all the Irish team members that came in packs of kelloggs cereals?

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Egg and spoon race when I was 4.

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The 1969 European Championships, particularly the 1500m, which saw Clonliffe's Frank Murphy win silver, though I also remember him winning the AAA title a few weeks earlier.

I have a sketchy memory of the '66 WC and the '68 Olympics.


Playing soggy biscuit with big Ron and gang at the back of the youth club disco.

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One memory i will never forget was Robbie Keanes last minute goal against Germany in the 2002 world cup and the whole school going crazy when it went in.

My first clear sporting memory was Galway wining the All Ireland in 2001. I'm From Mayo so wasn't the happiest memory although i still got too see and lift the cup.


Bruce Grobbelaar doing handstands around Wembley after Liverpool won the Milk Cup in 1982. Happy days!

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Being thrown out of the sitting room by my father and grandad during the Ireland-Italy game at Italia 90. I was only 4 at the time so i fully understand their decision

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1981 FA cup final replay and Ricky Villa's brilliant goal.

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1971 FA Cup final between Arsenal and Liverpool. Watched it in a rich Uncle's house as he had just gotten a colour TV. First thing I ever watched in colour.

Fell in love with the red shirt of Liverpool and even though we lost I still love the red shirt.

Next memory would be Munich Olympics 1972.


I'm struggling to remember Italia '90 so I'm pretty sure my first memory is Man Utd winning the FA cup 4-0 in '94. Could have my year wrong though. I was wearing the refresher jersey but we were very poor so it could have been a handmedown from a couple of years before

Ray Houghton's goal against Italy in USA '94 would be soon after.

Biggest saddest memory for me was Mark Hughes being sold for 1.5 million, he was worth more than that

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Packie Bonner's famous save in Italia 90. I was 10 and fell in love with him.

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Junior rugby match in 78.


RhubarbCrumble said:
Packie Bonner's famous save in Italia 90. I was 10 and fell in love with him.

I think I remember the talk of it more than I actually remember it.

Finally a thread that makes me feel young

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