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I tried to transfer money from my bank account to my paypal 2 weeks ago, but i left out the transaction ID and now paypal said " they can't trace the funds"
it was 50 euro and i wouldn't have forgot the ID except for AIB's stupid terminology (message to appear on receiver account = transaction ID)
before this i topped up my account with bank of ireland and had no problem.

dudara Administrator

I'd start with your bank on this one, not with Paypal, as that is where the transaction originated from.

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Just wanted to say that a similar thing happened to me about two months ago when I was trying to transfer funds from my AIB account to PayPal. Transferred about 40 euro and didn't see any money in my PayPal, but could see the deduction in my AIB account. That said, the problem resolved itself about 2 weeks after I first tried to transfer it and the funds appeared in my PayPal account. Since then, whenever I transfer between the two, it takes at most 24 hours to happen. Not sure why it took so long the first time, but it seems like it's an issue on AIB's side.

treeminder Registered User

did you forget the transaction ID too? i only did because i didn't know where to enter it.

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This is no help to the OP, but I rang AIB about 6 months back asking about this and the customer service rep advised against moving money from my AIB account to Paypal as in his experience, too many of the transactions went missing and were hard to trace afterwards due to Paypals unwillingness to work with them due to Paypals confidentiality clauses. Dunno if there is any truth to that, just thought it was interesting that AIB would advise me against it, slightly off the record. I've moved money into my AIB account from Paypal without any issues.

Muppet Man.

treeminder Registered User

hopefully this is sorted. i rang paypal last night and they said the money was being sent back to my bank account. it could take until 13th june though, and i was on hold for 15 mins of the 20 minute phone call.

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