srumball Registered User

Cant seem to acces any torrents, when i click the download link i get an error loading page message

physio71 Registered User

Yeah I have the same problem, I click on download and it takes about 30 seconds to try and download the page and then I get internet connection problems but every other site I look at works no problem...Love to know have eircom my provider put a block or something on it...Thanks Physio71

cursai Registered User

It's happening to everyone who's uses it. Same with piratepedia. Not just eircom. There's spike of comments on some of the torrents from people in other countries having the same problem.
just find the name of the torrent. Paste it into isohunt and you can get it there.

physio71 Registered User

Great Thanks I'll try that.

almanu Registered User

I'm with UPC , but having issues aswell guy's with kat, not just an Eircom problem

finno Registered User

Click on the magnet link beside the download torrent button and it will work

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