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Use summeruk50 to get £50 off the cost of your booking. Works fine from Ireland. Minimum spend £300 book by 2/7/12 travel before 31/12/12. Someone has a 10% off code posted on here for so work out which code saves you more cash. This one happens to save me more.

Heres the 10% off link

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paikea Registered User

Can that code be applied for flights?

Lima Golf Registered User

Sorry should have been more specific, it's for hotels only.

cjlawlor Registered User

Thanks OP. Just got a good deal on a hotel in Berlin using that coupon code.

m.j.w Registered User

At what stage do you put the code in? Cant see the box anywhere

Lima Golf Registered User

When you hit book on the hotel you want it brings you to a booking page. The first page is traveller info. The next page is payment. At the top of the payment page above where you enter your card number is "Enter a coupon or promotion code" select it, enter the coupon and hit apply. Job done! In fairness, they don't make it easy to find. I had to look for a bit before I found it too.

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