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I went for a walk by the beach (Rusheen Bay) a few hours ago and, towards the end of my visit, I broke out in what seems to be itchy insect bites on my lower left leg and also on my lower right leg.

I then returned home and just a short while ago I heard what sounded like a mosquito near my ear, I clapped my hands, opened them, and saw what looks like a dead mosquito (compares favourably with google images of mosquitos).

I'm not handy with a digital camera, but I'm going to hold on to it until tomorrow and try and get a photo taken off it.

However, I am nearly certain it is a mosquito.

Anywez, what I'd like to know is whether it is normal to have mosquitos in Galway City in the "summer"? Has anyone out there been bitten by a mosquito in Galway City?
(P.S. Nobody in the house has been abroad, so it wasn't imported in anyone's luggage, etc.)



Ficheall Registered User

There are loads of mosquitoes in Galway.
No malaria though.

And the good news is that it's only the females that bite, so if you spot a mosquito that has a penis (provided it is not your penis or that of someone you know), you're grand.

Googling mosquito penis yields some interesting results.

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Seaneh Banned

protip, let a mozzy land of your forearm/bicep/calf/what have you and bit then flex the muscle and watch the little ****er explode.

I've never been bit here but in warmer climes they ****ing love me.

jimmy_t Registered User

There is something like 20 different species of mosquito in Ireland

bobbytables Registered User

...and I for one welcome our new overlords!

But yeah, we have a love hate relationship. I hate them & they love me. God damn mosquitoes please fuk right off to wherever you came from & leave bob alone.

inisboffin Registered User

I'm fairly sure only the males buzz too so watch out for th silent but deadly females!

I love our *myth* that we've no mosquitos here- alas the game has been up for a while, thanks to d'internet!

Ficheall Registered User

inisboffin said:
I'm fairly sure only the males buzz too so watch out for th silent but deadly females!

I think you're mistaken there...

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The males might buzz but the females have the more distinctive high pitched buzz. They're probably whining non stop like the homo sapien variety

beardybrewer Registered User

I'm still scratching assorted bug bites from when I went camping in the rain 2 weeks ago.

We had a weird event last year when a swarm of midges decended at the playground which literally had people running for their cars. Went home bothered enough to look some stuff up online and found one of the best reasons to start smoking. Midges hardly bother smokers. Any truth in that?

Also here's an interesting repellent a friend told me about:

inisboffin Registered User

Ficheall said:
I think you're mistaken there...

Yep, you're right... a fact gleaned from 'pub tutorial' that I took to be true!

frozenfrozen Registered User

Yeah I'm fairly sure they don't make the noise for the craic. its their wings methinks. Damn bumble bees though, they only do it to get a rise out of you


lucianot Registered User

I am allergic to mosquito bite so growing up in Argentina was bad, nobody knew my face until my immune system got strong.

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