Hi, I just found this on a friends facebook page


This boy, from Crumlin, has been missing since 19th June but this is the first I have heard of it. I find that quite strange. I hope he is ok.

Another link http://crime.ie/20120626/missing-child-dawson-wilson/

His name is Dawson Wilson

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maybe they found him and forgot to update the page?

/page wont load for me

Bam Bam Mickey Registered User

It's a picture of a little girl.

Dr.Strange Banned

I'm very surprised that wasn't in the News.

If a child goes missing I would expect it to be all over the media.

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Big Nasty Registered User

That's a boy?

Hope he / she's found soon either way.


That's the picture on the crime.ie website too.

Mods, I'm not techie enough to quote link for people on mobiles.


Jesus, I never realised there were so many missing people in Ireland.
God help their them and their families.

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My name is URL Registered User

Has it been reported at all? It's probably a domestic/parental dispute

meoklmrk91 Registered User

OP is right, strange that no newspapers have picked anything up, even a google search brings up practically nothing. Hopefully he comes home safe and sound.



There isn't much info at all about him on Trace Missing Ireland or crime.ie.

Why would it take a week for a missing 6 yr old to get media coverage?

vicwatson Registered User

More than meets the eye if the media haven't got wind of this, missing child is media gold.

Hope the poor child gets home safe and sound.

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bigneacy Registered User

Jesus, i find it hard to believe a 6 year old can be missing a full week and hardly anyone has heard of it - is there more to this than a simple missing persons case?


hope he is found


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