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Have my Debs this year and I need to go shopping for a dress. Just wondering is there any shops in Limerick or Galway that I could find any?

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I got mine in Born in Galway last year. They had some really lovely ones for reasonable prices. Then there's Beverly Hills but they're a little bit on the expensive side. Brown Thomas can be good too

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TK max have loads in at the mo.

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tan11ie said:
TK max have loads in at the mo.

What day do they get all their new stock in?

Angel8ie Registered User

There's monsoon in Galway too. I find it can be a bit hit and miss sometimes but you could get lucky

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Klassy Dress hire & sales Quin Co. Clare have lovely dresses good price range you can buy or hire.

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Breda's Ennis always has a great selection, very popular for debs.
Adeela on William street in limerick used to have very well priced debs dresses and some unusual designs
I'd second TK Maxx Limerick (never see much formal wear in the one in Galway) as a good place to get something a bit different
Pamela Scott would also have a lot of fairly typically 'debs' dresses

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