dreamers75 Registered User

Whilst we have it till July 18th?

I suggest we make use of it.

Anyone up for some small Coop maps? Imo this is where Arma 2 is at its best. Simple missions with pre set gear.

I have around 200 or so them on my pc, most of them are pretty good.

Will leave Evo/Domination on it for the carnage effect but say tuesday night coop night?

Maximilian Moderator

I'm game

gavdownunder Registered User

if you guys are playing this evening i'd love to join you. After years, just got a decent machine that can run arma.

tried to connect to server & mumble on but got refused.


Roorah Registered User

Don't suppose anyone is still playing arma 2?

Have been playing dayz and now my friend and I are looking for a good server for arma 2. Its pretty tough to find one not running dayz right now.

dreamers75 Registered User

look for 1para or G.I.T.S you will need the mods they are using tho, decent servers tho.

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