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I have a brilliant Novum Mark 3 sewing machine given to me by a friend. As it's so old, I can't seem to find a user manual for it on the web. Would anybody know where a manual could be sourced? Alternatively, are there generic manuals. The machine has lots of different feet (?) but I haven't a clue what they are for!


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If you can put up a pic of the feet and the control panel i might be able to tell you what they are for and what sitiches you have. Can you thread it and use it?

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Hi Thanks for the kind offer. Will try to get them uploaded over the next few days. I do know how to thread the machine and use it but only very simply! Nothing fancy.

Thanks again.

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The different feet will be pretty similar regardless of the machine. The most useful are

the basic swing needle (zig-zag) foot that is metal or plastic and has a wide slot for the needle to go through, so it can swing from side to side.

the zipper foot - has a very narrow 'single' foot that slides from side to side so you can get close to zips. Not to be confused with a narrow little foot with a single round hole, that is the basic plain sewing foot, but generally it is easier to leave the swing needle foot on.

clear plastic ones that will include a button-hole foot - square shaped with markings for buttonhole measurements

similar looking one for stitching buttons on - holds the button still. Fairly pointless imo.

One with a little corkscrew thing in the middle of it. For turning tiny hems. If you are into making small stuff from cotton (like dolls clothes) or craft work it can be very useful. Not used much in dressmaking except for maybe edging frills.

There is also probably a kind of bar attachment which is used for maintaining distance between tucks or pleats.

Depending on how old the machine is there may be a thing like a little metal circle that is used for embroidery.

I have always found there was also a couple of random gizmos that I never did figure out what they were for...

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That is great information - thanks for taking the time to put it together for me. I'll examine each one and I guess I'll just try everything and see what happens!

Again, many thanks


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Hi, I just bought one from car boot sale - in good condition too. It has the manual with it. I could copy it and send it on to you if you haven't found anything on the internet yet

Also interesting link

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Hi Neil1010

Many thanks for your kind offer, but I couldn't let you go to the trouble of copying and sending! Thanks anyway.

The links are great and I think that the manuals that are online for say a Mark VIII probably won't be a lot different to the Mark III and will be useful.

Thanks all for your help and replies!


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Hi, I am desperate to get the manual for the Novum mark 3, I bought it today and I am really impressed with it, I had a quick lesson from the kind people who sold it to me but I have forgotten most of what they said. I'm not entirely sure if i have threaded it correctly and the tension although working is not perfect and I feel I need to adjust it but again I don't know properly what I'm doing.Any help or advice most welcome, I am a real novice at this sewing lark, so please don't think you can underestimate my ineptitude.
Thanks in advance.

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Hi Sew Jo

My Mum gave me her old Novum Mark III. It is a beautiful machine and I fondly remember her making clothes for us as kids. I am trying to hem curtains that are too long however, i am having extreme difficulty in figuring out the machine. I've twiddled with the attachments but to of no avail . I cannot get the bobbin thread to sew correctly or the thread from the needle keeps gets caught up. I am completely new to this. I have searched on line for an instruction manual, but since the machine is so old I cannot find one. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Many thanks in advance.

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sound like your machine needs a service. have you oiled it, after about 5 year your machine needs oil everywhere and a service would cover all this.

other than that it could be threaded wrong but it sounds like you know what you are doing

or the bobbin case could be warped and not spinning correctly.

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I just got hold of this machine but although it looks unused it is not working. When I press the pedal the motor is working but the belt is not moving. I don't have the manual. Any ideas? Any help would be appreciated.

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Got a gift of a Novum Deluxe Eletric Sewing Machine, I'd say it is an old timer, very solid, only does straight stitch, got it serviced and tis working perfect, any one have any idea of the value of it? serial no is 23844
Thanks for your time

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Great machines, often used as a portable industrial. I'd hazard a guess at 100 - 120 euro. I know you probably spent quite a bit getting it serviced so tis price may not be what you'd like.

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