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Pakistan Myself..
I remember seeing SF2 for the first time in my local arcade there...
Magical stuff

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recnib said:
Hi guys, I've only recently been introduced to radomselect and these forums (glad to see a FG scene in Ireland ) and as such i was just wondering where each of us are. I'm from Dublin but I'm living in Newport, Co.Tipperary. So that means middle of nowhere and bad internet for me I could go to casuals and stuff in Cork, but money is a bit of a problem at the moment So far it doesnt seem anyone around here is very compitent of FGs , mostly just COD fanboys, any time i bring them up it's either " you just mash buttons " or " theyre boring "

Well anyway, just curious that's all

Hey man we just played on XBL. I'm from Limerick city and were hoping to have midweek casuals. Have u any transport?

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Hey future Nice Dee Jay mate, and no i dont

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Waterford, were there is no virtually no scene, so it pays to add people here on XBL/PSN

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Haha I know how you feel man

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