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I have to admit, the purist in me has meant that I have never even considered looking into the third-pary transformer market before, but over the last week, I have been literally blown away by some of the stuff that is being made.

The fansproject (crossfire projects) and igear stuff (Ratchet, conheads etc) are rediculously good and I'm now considering getting a few pieces.

Does anyone here have third party stuff? If so, what have you and what are your experiences with them?

Any other companies that create these products...what I'd give for a masterpiece Jetfire that's true to his G1 cartoon form!

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It's easier to just link to this:


That's not everything... some items, or companies, are so close to stomping up and down on Hasbro's IP that US companies are afraid to touch them... but it's most of them, i think.

Some companies are higher rated than others.... Fansproject are probably favourites.

iGear.... shedding their KO image a little... faith leader was widely slated for low quality,iirc,...but they've had people hanging for months on Ratchet and Ironhide, and there is something just very slightly off about their coneheads.

Xorvengen were pretty much slammed for their G.I.Joe VS Transformers themed Rolling Thunder Optimus..(lousy quality apparently) . but have a Powermaster Prime themed item in the works....

BTS meanwhile pushed out a few new tapes and a Soundwave based on Guidio Guidi's dictaphone inspired design..... that met with a rather poor response, tolerance issues, i think, and last i looked BBTS coudln't give the thing away.

Beyond that.......some accessory companies like Dr Wu are just copying people's work from Shapeways

If you are looking at shapeways, particularly look at what fakebusker83 / ariel lemon is turning out.

Not going to go any further than that for the moment... 3rd party is such a wide, varied, area now.

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Fansproject are the dog's bollo#x in my opinion - fantastic stuff.

I had the Best Toys G1 inspired trailers for classics Prime and Nemesis Prime. They weren't at all bad, but I sold them for the Fansproject trailers, which I love and recommend. I have the Rodimus upgrade trailer too, which is also great. Inexplicably I bought both Fansproject Blast Off homages (Flameblast and Explorer), but not the Swindle ones. Now you can't get the first Swindle one at all. Again the Blast Offs are great little toys, full of articulation. Warbot is meant to be fantastic, but I'm just not a Springer fan!

The Best Toys Optimus Prime upgrade kit is kind of nice, but the jetpack doesn't actually fit an original G1 Prime. Have it on a G2 instead. Great cartoon-accurate guns and a matrix that fits in the chest.

Best Toys Soundwave/Sonicron was a big let down due to poor production. I have him on a shelf in robot mode. He still looks nice on display. Apparently the black Soundblaster version fixes these issues.

I have a few CHMS KOs - purple seeker, Sunstorm - and I have Classics G1 Breakdown, Deep Cover and Black rodimus / Wildrider on order from Chimungmung

Never bought Perfect Effect or iGear. iGear tried to flog the DOTM yellow/blue $15 Sideswipe as a rare exclusive for hundreds, iirc, so don't like them on principle!

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