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Hello all, new member, been Safety shaving for a few months. My old synthetic brush is knackered, I've been using it for well over 5 years.

I know that Semougue and Omega have good reps for their synthetic brush lines, but I'd rather get one from a company that doesn't also make Boar or Badger brushes.

I'm not St Francis of Assisi here, but I'd rather not have to do all the research or think about the complex ethical issues Badger brushes might have every morning as I shave, as they are essentially luxury items. I'm not making judgements on those who do use them.

Any ideas?

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Much obliged, the 'Rituals' brush seems to tick all the boxes and more, but is expensive. I think I'll buy a body shop one for the time being and take it from there.

Also I saw the Turkish No.6 brush from that Turkish shaving website which is horse hair, anybody got any good things to say about that one. It' cost 2 euro `


Mantic is turning his attention to some reviews on synthetic hair brushes
First of a series of articles up today on his site

There is a Turkish brand of shaving brushes, Jaguar, which uses horse hair as boar bristle isn't kosher amongst Muslim shavers. I picked up one some years back. It's a budget brand but functional. I haven't used it much as I prefer either the exfoliating factor of a boar or the softness of a badger. I had mine shipped from Turkey but believe they are now available from Amazon.

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It'll cost 2 euro

How bad would it have to be to be not worth it?

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MadsL said:
How bad would it have to be to be not worth it?

Exactly, and from what I have read it is bloody regardless of price. Bought two online along with a host of Arko gear and 100 Asta SP's. That is a great site!

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