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Hi All,

GF has a Sony Vaio laptop, not particularly old or anything (maybe 18 months) but lately it has been slowing up. Taking longer to start, browser slower etc.

Can anyone provide a list of things i could do to tune up it?

I have gone through the following
- Gotten rid of any unwanted installed programs.
- Gotten rid of a lot of photos/files etc on her C drive.
- De fragmented the hard drive.

- Installed google chrome at she is now using that.

Are there any other steps i can carry out to tune this up?

Any help appreciated.. i dont think it needs to be fixed/looked at, just would like a step in the right direction to make sure she is getting the most out of it.


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Cheers Caff.. will have a look at that later on.

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Does it have VAIO Assist / VAIO Care software? Try running that.

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Would CC Cleaner be any good in this situation?

sure fire way of speeding her up: see what sort of ram is needed and installable and buy one or 2gbs for it. shouldn cost more than 40 to speed it up to 'like new'.

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