Kevwoody Registered User

Your mother should have swallowed you!

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sparkthatbled Registered User

"Stirring the Porridge"


Bazgina Registered User

body off baywatch.... face off crimewatch.

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sgb Registered User

Look at her she's gorgeous

I'd use her ****e as toothepaste

Mickey H Registered User

Classic from an elderly neighbour: "She has a face on her that would turn back a traveller's funeral".

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Dave! Moderator

Rough as a badger's arse

Squidgy Black Registered User

WD40 couldn't even get the rust off your flaps...

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Unique User Name Registered User

Person 1 - "You're a homo"
Person 2 - "You're a homo"
Person 1 - If I wanted my own cum back, I'd wipe it from your Mothers face.

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Makikomi Registered User

She's got tits like two zeppelins in a balloon race

I'd suck farts out of her arse!.

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dj jarvis Registered User

shes not suitable for soft ground

face like a bag of smashed crabs

doctor said he could not give her a smear test - why ? have you ever tried to open a toasted cheese sandwich ?

im here all week

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diabloro Registered User

I wouldn't even get up on her to get over a wall.


you would know shes from a shīt family just by seeing her cheap clothes and phone !!

she has no mates to go out with let alone any lad who would ride her

she is going to be as poor as her ma and she drives a 98 micra

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marcsignal Registered User

you look like your da's mate......

think about it

Spoiler (Show)

cruiser178 Registered User

The best part of ya is still running down your ma's legs.

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I wouldn't give him the steam off my p*ss.

He didn't lick that off a stone.

Ask me arse.

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