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I am hoping to do either biological and biomedical sciences, biotechnology, or undenominated science in maynooth in september.
The one thing that worries me is the mandatory maths in first year, as it was always my weakest subject.
I know nuig have a choice of higher or ordinary maths for their first year science students, but i couldn't find out anything about nuim.

Any information would be appreciated, whether there is a choice or not, difficulty of the maths compared to LC, etc. Thanks in advance also, this might affect my cao choices which are finalized july first so I'd love some answers by then

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Maths for First Science isn't hugely difficult and there is a free drop-in service provided for those that need a leg up in the Maths Support Centre. Information on the four modules involved can be found here, here, here and here.

They appreciate that some students would've done Ordinary Level for Leaving Cert so don't worry about it especially seeing as you'd be giving it up after first year.


You'll be fine with Ordinary Level anyway. Like barley said, MSC is absolutely invaluable. It's free, and there's usually at least one hour you'll be able to get to it. Tutors and lecturers are also very helpful. And obviously, if you know someone that's done the course, talk to them. There's also a few of us on here that have done maths, so if you're really stuck, ask us.

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Just finished first year undenominated science and I found the maths incredibly difficult. (for reference I got a C1 in OL). The failure rate for one of the calculus modules is 50% (and I have a nagging feeling that I'm in that 50%). If you are willing to put a lot of work in on top of your already overloaded schedule then you'll be alright but I know I would've preferred to do an ordinary level course if I had the choice.

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Maths in first year can be difficult or fine, it depends what type of work you put into the subject yourself. It is quite possible for someone with an ordinary d or c to get a first in Maths in 1st year. There are many many extra supports available, especially for 1st year students. There's the Maths support centre, extra workshops for first science students, an online course to help revise some basics from school. All completely free of course.

And the failure rate for the module mentioned above is rumored to be 50%. It's not that high.

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gra26 said:
And the failure rate for the module mentioned above is rumored to be 50%. It's not that high.

That was told to us by the lecturer so unless she was trying to put the shíts up us, it's true.

gra26 Registered User

She was tying to put the ****s up ya. I think it worked on most people too. It's high, just not quite that high.

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Go to your lectures, even if you think it's not going in. Then go to your tutorials and ask questions. And most importantly go to the MSC.

I hear that if you've been going to the MSC and asking questions the pass rate for active MSC students is very very high.

I did straight science back in the day and bundled through 2 years of maths so it can be done. I'd have loved an MSC!

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thanks for all of the replies so far, im still not 100% sure, but ill take in all ye're advice! cheers

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I'm not going to lie but I found maths extremely difficult , I did ordinary Level and got an A1 and stuggled a lot in my first year ... but then again the maths support centre is good for helping with assignments ..you really have to work hard if you want to pass maths as it is difficult...that's just my opinion anyway! Good luck

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The maths modules can be very hard but if you do well in your other modules eg biology or chemistry etc you can pass by compensation. Once you get over 25% in your maths module you can compensate e.g. if you get 25% in maths and 70% in biology they will take 15% off your biology mark so that you get 40% in maths and you have still passed biology. This is what i had to do in first year as even with an ordinary a1 i still couldnt get my head around the maths.

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