theoneeyedman Registered User

looking for a cheap and chearful option to keep a portable CRT tv alive post October. Not interested in PVR or HD or anything fancy, but must be scart rather than HDMI.
any recommendations, or is an approved reciever box the simplest option (I don't really care about teletext or anything like that)

Gerry Wicklow Registered User

Argos do an approved box for €50

SalteeDog Registered User

I know it's not what you asked but bear in mind that if your tv is a small screen 4:3 (i.e. not wide screen) then given most of the broadcasts on Saorview are in widescreen format your picture will in effect be even smaller unless you want to crop off the left and right of the frame. A 14 inch 4:3 screen will have a widescreen picture equivalent to just less than a 13 inch widescreen.

You can get a new 19 inch Saorview approved widescreen LCD TV for €150. Just something to bear in mind while considering the economics here.

watty Registered User

All approved boxes do HD to SD downconversion and SCART.

An approved box is the no-worry solution.

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jonnygee Registered User

Recycle the portable if funds allow.
A saorview approved tv needs 1 socket,, 1 remote control and 1 aerial connection.
Your portable needs 2 sockets, a scart lead, 2 remote controls , room for a saorview box and it cant give you hd rte ever also you will be watching approx 13 inch widescreen against 19 inch minium new tv.

You need to add the power usage of lcd 19 inch against the power usage of portable and saorview box combined.

ardmacha Registered User

In fairness, the absence of HD on a portable is not all that much of a loss, as it would not come into its own on such a small screen.

jonnygee Registered User

I know it wont but it dosent matter, it,s a physological thing, if you cant get it you will want it. So then after buying the saorview box and connecting it up with all the extra cabling you will go out and buy the lcd anyway. just buy the saorview tv now and save yourself the bother.

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