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Awh sweet! Thanks for sharing that.

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Nice one! Cheers!


Bet I'll forget!

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studiorat said:
Bet I'll forget!

I'll be on holidays myself. Hope the place has wi-fi!

iLikeWaffles Registered User

think the site may be down


Still down


Did anyone get it? I ended up being directed to Facebook and having to allow access to something called Sweepstakes. When I seen that I stopped. I never sign up for any of that shít.

If anyone does get it let us know if it's worth it.

Kristopherus Registered User

Site back up again. You get a virtual machine.

"On January 15, 2004, Moog Music and Arturia were announcing the Minimoog V, a software recreation of the legendary Minimoog synthesizer.

On June 21st 2012, World Music Day, Arturia is happy to offer you a commemorative version of this product called Minimoog V Original.

At the time our agreement with Moog Music is coming to an end, this is our way to pay tribute to Bob Moog who initiated the deal and helped us develop such a good recreation of his Minimoog.

Congratulations! you are about to download one of the best virtual instruments available, the result of a close collaboration between Bob Moog and Arturia that started in 2004.

To download the Minimoog V Original, go to:

Windows version :
Using Torrent : http://www.arturia3.com/downloads/minimoogv_original/minimoogv_original.exe.torrent

Mac OSX version :
Using Torrent : http://www.arturia3.com/downloads/minimoogv_original/minimoogv_original.dmg.torrent

The first time you will launch the Minimoog V Original you will be asked to enter an activation code.
Your personal activation code has just been sent to you by email.

Be aware that the Minimoog V Original does not grant you any free upgrade to the future versions of the Minimoog V. It does not allow for online or telephone support.

We hope you will enjoy playing this wonderful instrument which is now part of leading musicians' equipment;"

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Site not working at all, damn it! Had a reminder on my phone all week.

jiltloop Registered User

Should have refreshed this page before posting!


site was jamed up all morning by the looks of it.

I got one! Not bad at all!

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Did anyone get it through facebook? I signed up with my email but still no activation code

Adyx Registered User

TheBrinch said:
Did anyone get it through facebook? I signed up with my email but still no activation code

I'm still waiting on the activation email but I downloaded it from the links in Kristopherus' post. You can use it in demo mode anyway - the restrictions aren't that important unless it's a timed demo too but there was no mention of that.

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