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AnimalRights said:
I think Cork people should have their own sub forum.

Couldn't call it a sub forum though. It'd be THE PEOPLES FORUM. (I'm
from Cork).

I find as well that there's less activity- I was away for over 2 weeks and there were 'not many' new threads in main forum.

I find C&C threads can get high views but ectremly low replies/C&C.

I'd like a random pics thread BUT with more comments. The random thread is nice to browse but virtually no comments on it and a lot of people don't want to post a new thread for a few photos but would like some comments on them.

I agree- should be a legal sub-forum.

Always found it odd that there's very little/no talk about new gear, models etc

Cheers, Pa

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ValueInIreland Registered User

Thanks Paddy,
This has been the best category in an age! I agree with other posters about the sub categories - everything looks very quiet.
Keep the faith Paddy and ignore the begrudgers!

Leftyflip Registered User

How about some of the posters put together tutorials so instead of linking to outside tutorials, there's some user generated material on here.
Just an idea.

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thebaz Registered User

Hugh_C said:
it has become dull ...

agree, love to see a bit more challenging imagery , left off center - its become a little bit too safe - lots of technically proficient photographs and very good photoghraphers here but ... a bit more room for imagery that doesnt quite conform to the rules of good photography .. I got huge help from different members here a few years ago - wont name names , but am indebted to their help - some of who are still here

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red_ice Registered User

PCPhoto said:
(I may consider leaving boards in the future as I feel the community is not what it used to be)

I said the exact same thing in 2006 If only you were around in 2000, now THATS when boards was fun.

ronanc15 Registered User

Just to add some brown to my nose Paddy you also gave me good advice a few times, much appreciated.

I have only become active on here the last few months really (again, long time lurker) but have been on/helping to run forums for about 6 years.

Some points from somewhat of an outsider looking in:

1. Bring the Workshop back into the main forum as KKV suggested. I've missed a good few posts purely because I forgot to check the Workshop forum. Not really sure it gets enough traffic/threads to require a subforum?

2. Also, I think a C&C sub forum is a great idea. Some people love these threads, others really appear to dislike them. This would help both sides of the coin

3. Confine the legalities/copyright to either one megathread or one subforum. Expertise/learned opinion like PCPhoto's aren't easy to come by and in my opinion people should be able to bounce those questions and get genuine accurate answers. If people don't like these threads they can then easily avoid them. (Personally I sometimes get sick of looking at them unless they have an interesting twist)

4. The Events forum is another one I continously forget exists. Is it essential that this is a forum of its own? Could be good reason for this that I'm not aware of.

5. Finally, I think some members need to think before they type. Im not saying that everything needs to be sunshine and lollipops but if you're pointing out an area someone can improve on it doesn't kill to phrase it properly rather than blunt comments. Sometimes people forget you can't get tone of voice on a forum and can only take things at face value.

Just my 2c


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humberklog Moderator

On the Sub-Forums: it's pants. There's loads of threads up there I could be passive-aggressively trolling but I really can't be arsed clicking above the waist line of my monitor.

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AnCatDubh Registered User

Ah, I forgot - you guy's don't get to see all the porn spam on the main forum..... something about it being moderator only

/yes ignore what I just typed and carry on

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Mountainsandh Registered User

I'm usually in the "too busy" stage, but have started lurking again, and I have to say I did like the old mumble-jumble format before better. That way, I "happened" on some threads that turned out to be interesting, that I wouldn't have checked out in the workshop for example. I never think of looking in the Workshop, and most of the time I'm too lazy to look in Events etc... either.

Seems like I've missed all the fun, but all and every single post I've ever seen from PCphoto have been informative and level headed. Hope you hang around PCphoto.

CabanSail ɹoʇɐɹǝpoɯ ʎɹobǝʇɐɔ

I want to say how much I personally appreciate what PCPhoto has contributed to this forum. He has been up there as one of the most helpful posters and also very quick at picking up on shonky posts and reporting them rather than taking the bait. We may not have always agreed but his opinion is respected.

The topics moving to the Workshop, this was explained by this thread.

kensutz said:
I agree with Paddy, the forum has become a bit stale with repeated topics (copyright,usage etc) although I find most new threads that start suddenly end up in The Workshop forum.

smash said:
I don't really get this, it's a sub forum and a lot of topics just get lost in there because they're moved. I think the main forum should be about photography related subjects in general, then have sub forums for C&C and copyright issues.

DaireQuinlan said:
It seemed like a good idea when it was set up, the forum was being swamped in pointless and repetitive gear threads. I don't think it's such a good idea any more, the volume of posting on the photography forum as a whole seems so have dropped off a cliff over the last few years.

I think it's down to a combination of a couple of things, a particularly disruptive poster who was banned too late and caused a lot of people to not bother reading the forum anymore, and the simultaneous rise in popularity of twitter, which established itself as an alternative bolt hole. Most people never came back.

It seems from the above comments that some want to move to a Camera Forum with a sub section for Photography.

KKV said:

Cabansail replied pretty much saying it wasn't going to change, which is fair enough, he's a mod and gets a say in what goes, and he knows the forum/s better than I do, so I won't argue with him.

I did reply but gave my personal opinion. Most of my posts are made as an ordinary user. When I post in an official capacity I try to make that obvious. I am not in the habit of dictating how things should be.

dinneenp Registered User

Here's a small injection of fun...

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DaireQuinlan Registered User

CabanSail said:

It seems from the above comments that some want to move to a Camera Forum with a sub section for Photography.

Lordy no, but maybe some of the technique related stuff could be brought back from the workshop subforum to bolster traffic a little in the main forum ? I'd be happy never to see a gear thread again, leaving THEM in the sub forum would mean I could just never go there :-)
I know sometimes though there's a confusion over the distinction, a lot of the technique related threads segue into dull dull gear threads so some discretion I guess would be necessary ...

nonsequitir Registered User

Forums are so 1980's!

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CabanSail said:
It seems from the above comments that some want to move to a Camera Forum with a sub section for Photography.

I don't think anyone said that.

pete4130 Registered User

I go out of my way to stir shít up/step on toes be honest with what I think and 99% of the time for good reason when people are being stupid think they know it allneed guidance. This is misunderstood probably 99% of the time but some people.

There can be too much of a politeness on forums where people don't speak up if they don't like something or if something is plain shíte. They choose to just not comment on it. That just propagates an ásslicking thread mentality that doesn't really help people. If something sucks and you think so, tell it like it is but be able to back it up with relevant comments, C&C, facts and experience.

Digital photography breeds new "photographers" so fast who read digital photo magazines, watch tutorials online that teach new skool techniques like HDR, tonemapping, bad photoshop filters and gimmicky effects that forums DO get tiring seeing the same cráp posted in cycles every year in realtion to what is in digi photo mags and whats "in" at the moment (HDR/tonemapping/topaz seems to be really in the past few months...previously it was tilt shifting a few months ago...I'm sure there could be an annual calender for crappy fad seasons?). It's actually made me more militant to keeping my images more simple and true and totally disheartened me from digital photography. Everyone is a photographer these days.

Having a camera doesn't make you a photographer. Having a vision, skill and talent helps.

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