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Hi Alli

Sorry if this topic has been covered before i did a quick search but did not find it.

My boychild will be starting national school in September next. he will turn 5 in Sept.

He has attended playschool and is doing very well socially.
His colouring is not great, he does not stay really between lines etc( I cant blame him I hated it myself)
he has a good grasp of numbers, knows 4 is more than 2 and so on.
He can hold a pencil, but ive not gone too far as regards writing yet with him.

My qt is what do I need to do over the summer with him to have him 'school-ready'.....? I have a small fear of him knowing too much and so being bored and horror of horrors troublesome as a result.

Also the kids are going to school next week for 2 hours to introduce them to school teacher etc. It is a drop off parents not required.Im working can,t get it off, is this a big deal? babysitter is fantastic so is it ok to let her do it? The following day is playschool graduation, I have to be theer for that I feel. (typical they both same week)

In sept Im working for first days, best I can do is be late for work so I can drop him off, babysitter will collect. There is 6 of us where I work with new starters, we all can't be off sadly, Im more junior so tough

Thanks for reading,

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Don't worry about the colouring, they will continue to do loads in junior infants, helps them to focus and concentrate. My 2nd is starting in Sept also, she has learnt loads in pre school and from the eldest doing his homework. I do worry also if she will be bored in juniors as she knows all the basics, counting, alphabet, spell and write her name and do them in Irish also. But I'm sure they will adapt and find new things to keep their mind occupied.
Does he know the letters of the alphabet, maybe over the summer you could familiarize him with it and teach him how to write his name. Best of luck to you and your son, enjoy the holidays once they start school the months seem like weeks, it really does fly. :-)

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Don't worry about the academic side of things. Make sure he can open and close his school bag, use the loo independently, can manage his lunchbox, can put on his coat etc unaided, is able to share and work in small groups.Label EVERYTHING or you will spend the year paying to replace pencils etc!

As to not being there the first day or two, might actually be to his benefit. Sometimes the parent is the one upset the first day and they upset their own child!

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We have had a meeting with the school for kids starting in September and they have said that the best way to have your child school ready is that they can put their coat on, put their jumper back on again ( when they took it off and left the sleeves inside out), are able to go to the loo and wipe and wash their hands with no help.

My first two were 5 going to school and had done 2 years of playschool with an excellent Montesorri teacher and knew all their letters etc. But, they weren't in any way bored in Junior infants.

The Junior infants syllabus is very wide and varied and there are 12 subjects covered right from the beginning. There will be plenty to keep the children occupied.

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