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Recently got into surfing went to Lahinch and it was class.I really want to get proper into it but I live in Dublin so cant go out to the west that often.Are there any places on the east that you can surf at?

ratticus Registered User

Loads of threads on this already ( one started by me a little while ago ).
Short answer: No.
Long answer: there are a few spots along the coast but nothing that is anything like Lahinch. Maghermore is a small beach that works in a heavy swell, Brittas can get waves if there are big storms but it is very, very rare. Killiney and Bray alledgedly get a wave every now and then but I think you will grow old waiting. :-)
Your nearest spot is Tramore, down hours down the road from Dublin. It is a pretty good spot, the waves are not huge but for a beginner it is pretty good.
Check out for surf forecast. If you take whatever wave height magicseaweed predicts and divide it in two, you will have a realistic idea of hwo big it will be.
Remember, it is not just wave height that matters, but the period aswell. Anything less than 10 seconds is pointless as the waves will be weak and messy.

I head down to tramore quite often and over to the west when i can. PM if you want to share gass money.


stevire Registered User

There'll be some waves on the east coast this weekend around the wicklow area. Give these guys a shout for lessons/renting in wicklow:

dermo909 Registered User

If you are heading down to Tramore make sure you check this webcam first!

The advice about dividing the forecast by 2 for Tramore is exactly the process I use when deciding to go or not! I only live 10mins away though so I'm not too put out if its crap.

Loads of surf schools there too if you are looking to get going as quick as possible.

ratticus Registered User

Tramore looks like it will be good this weekend, might be worht a trip down.

dermo909 Registered User

It looks massive for Fri/Sat. If anyone manages to paddle out it'll be worth watching them either get killed or tear it up!
I'll wait until Sunday morning before I head out I think!

ratticus Registered User

Given that MSW is usually 50% bigger than reality it won't be that massive but should still be fun. Will bring the bodyboard just in case it is too big or messy for surfing.

Yrag2E Registered User

There is plenty of spots on the east coast. Just keep an eye on the swell and pressure.

Been out in Donabate the last weeks. Decent sessions and some pumping waves.

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