I am in a career where my arms are always on show and where tattoos are frowned upon. I have mine on my back but a colleague of mine was told she would find it hard to be employed with her preexisting tattoos on her wrists. Tattoos- lovely in a social setting.
Tattoos- not so much in a professional setting.

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Atavan-Halen <b>He Touched My Breast!!</b>

christmas2012 said:
it doesnt look as good when there faded and all bluey around the lines

You Can always get it touched up though.

squishykins Registered User

Before I got my first tattoo, I asked my bf what he thinks of tattoos on girls. His exact words were, "Meh, each to their own, but I don't really like them."

4 tattoos later, he adores them and wants to know when I'm getting my next one And his favourite is my least "girly" one, the oblivion symbol

I wish the stigma behind them was gone, but I'll have to keep them in places I can hide if I wanna work in a creche

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Princess Peach Registered User

You can for sure be covered in tattoos and have a job. All you need is a few hours a day and a team of assistants.

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hairyfairy00 Registered User

sweeney1971 said:
They may look good on an 18 year old but see them on a 60 year old.
Even worse see them on an over weight girl.
It saddens me when I have to interview a young girl for a job covered in Tattoo's. I have employed them if the Tattoo is covered.
It sends out the wrong message.
Also depends which circles you associate in.

You will find out exactly what I mean when you grow up.

My mother will be 63 years old in August, she got her 5th tattoo done in March and she/they look very beautiful! I bought her first tattoo for her 50th birthday and she was hooked straight away. My dad will be 65 yrs in July and he got his first tattoo 8 years ago (now has 2 tattoos).

Moral of the story.......my parents a cool

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