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Hi im looking for a place to bulk buy flights and stems . Any recommendation for a place that accepts debit card? I was going to use 501 darts until i read bad reports about them here.
I was in Dublin recently and went to brenfers but they were closed at 4.30 even though i had rang them earlier in the day and was told they were open until 5.00.

Double Top Registered User

your best bet is to set up a paypal account and add your bank card onto it, its alot safer and quicker

Mosiki Registered User
#3 are very good, I always deal with them, prompt service and quality products.

joecoyne Registered User

Phone Mr Darts , Tony Hickey , he will sort you out anything you need
his no is 0872752406

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Cheapest place 2 buy is pure darts uk also known as tommys darts international where u can buy loose in bulk at a much cheaper rate than packaged as I have a order of amazon flights on the way at the minute . Better staying away from brenfer cos they'll cost a bomb . Hope this helps

elevendarter Registered User

This one is has my recommendation, too.

The other one I like is the dartscorner mentioned above.

And there are a few good sellers on eBay. I purchased some stuff here. It's an American store. Good prices, fast shipping.

I use PayPal.

sharkey 25 Registered User

Thanks for all the suggestions lads. I ended up buying on ebay , the flights worked out at less than 50 cent each. I ended up buying a darts book "murder on the dartboard" , i read good reviews about it. I ordered on Monday night and they arrived this morning , so not very quick service but i'm very happy with the price. Is there anywhere cheaper? I also noticed a lot of old brass darts there for anyone who collects darts.

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Murder on the dart board is a good read. You will enjoy it.

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Darts corner are offering 15% off until the 30th June Here is the code and link

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brian180 Registered User

im looking to join a darts team im based in drimnagh dublin im 52 love the game practice in the submarine bar 2 or 3 times a week id like to start on a 2nd darts team only back playing about 6 weeks now my number is 0851327834 anybody know of a local team looking for players

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