Piriz Registered User

In times of economic distress I can not understand the justification for the continuation of this pointless unnecessary bridge just next to the perfectly functional O' Connell Bridge.

please read the following article on this topic http://www.indymedia.ie/features and share your views.

Is there any justification for this bridge and its associated costs?

rameire Registered User

what article?
and yes it does need to be built, maybe you should go to the infrastructure thread and give out there.

Carroller16 Registered User

isn't it for the luas.

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delta_bravo Registered User

Its for the Luas so its not pointless.

Indymedia? That site is absolute muck

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Luas bridge. Will provide transport for Dubliners for decades to come.
I'd rather spend money on that than give it to Angela Merkel or Anglo Irish Bank

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ProudDUB Registered User

It is to facilitate the LUAS so that they can link both lines of it. The Luas can't go over O'Connell Bridge. There isn't room for it. It is also going to create a new bus corridor across the river to take the pressure off Marlborough St, Eden Quay and O'Connell Bridge. It will also have dedicated lanes for cyclists and pedestrians who currently take their life in their hands trying to cross the river. As someone who lives in the heart of Dublin 1, right beside the river, the more bridges over it that we have, the better imo !

Not sure if you allowed to promote political websites here btw.

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Piriz Registered User

thanks proud dub...

i didnt think they were using it for the luas, glad youve changed my thinking on this as i viewed it as a waste of money...

im not promoting anything just linked to an article... close thread !

Piriz Registered User

hi again, sorry about the error on the article link in my original post.. this is the correct link...


RMD Registered User

Piriz this isn't a personal dig but I'd watch what you read on indymedia. The author of that article clearly doesn't have a clue what this bridge offers in comparison to the difficulty of constructing the same plan over O'Connell Street / Bridge.

Piriz Registered User

hi, i never read that website other than that article that came up when i tried to google for info re the bridge...

i generally get my news from much more reputable media agencies such as boards and sky news

im glad i started this thread.. as i will no longer look at the bridge with the same level of frustration.. as long as the luas connection plan necessitates this bridge..

Victor Registered User

I've stuck some photos up here: http://www.boards.ie/vbulletin/showpost.php?p=80204788&postcount=121 and in subsequent posts.

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Cienciano Registered User

Indymedia has to be one of the worst news sites on the net.

The regular spacing of bridges along the Liffey was observed for hundreds of years, until 2003 when James Joyce Bridge was built in-between two older bridges near Queen Street. The disorienting, incoherent effect of bridges built close to one another here is plain for all to see.

Jesus wept


hopefully it will give marlborough street a much needed lift

Bambi Registered User

Or even a hit

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