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Hi everyone My name is Dave and I'm a 5th year physics student. I've always had an interest in cosmology and popular science and i suppose physics in general.. When i try and read into it more i feel hopelessly uneducated and out of my depth tho So could anybody recommend some articles/videos as a starting point? Thanks in advance (Not sure if this is the right forum)

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http://www.sixtysymbols.com is really great.

There's also the Mechanical Universe...documentaries.

And there's more and more stuff all the time. If you type someone like Feynman into google, you'll find lots of stuff on him...And if you listen for the names mentioned - then you Youtube those names and you find more stuff - some stuff is just a few minutes long, some stuff longer. Even if you don't really understand what they're on about, you watch the different videos and you'll start to build up a picture.

Any videos where someone is on about cosmic consciousness or thought being energy that can neither created nor destroyed, or that you can influence the universe with the power of your mind - those are not science videos - but they out number genuine science videos on the internet 10 to 1.

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I found the BBC Wonders Of The Universe very good.Have a look at them.

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If you have Sky, the channel Eden is having a Science month jam-packed with loads of physics/astronomy documentaries at the moment. It's on channel 532, and if you have Sky+, even better - you can record all the programs and watch them later! There are shows such as "The Story of Science", "Wonders of The Universe" (must-see), "Wonders of the Solar System" (also must-see) on all this week alone!

Hope this helps!

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Minute physics....And it only takes a minute...if you have to watch a clip twice- it only takes 2 minutes.

This girl is great. Chemistry.


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Simon Singh's book "Big Bang" is a brilliant popular science book detailing the history of how early astronomy developed into modern cosmology and then the big bang.

I really learned a lot from it even after completing a degree in Theoretical Physics.

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Any thing with Richard Feynman in it. I could listen to him for hours and never get tired. An utterly unique man.


[And don't be put off by the "esoteric" nature of his specialisms. He had great gift for communication, any one could listen to a lecture or documentary and get a lot from it]

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