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Ive been doing a bit of reading to find out the best way to carry money around south east asia. Everyone says ATMs.. which is fine and I know that there will be charges from my irish bank and the respective country's bank when taking money out of the atm.. but heres my problem...

Im with AIB.. and they have a €100 limit on atm withdrawls abroad.. thats going to work out expensive over the 3 months I intend on travelling.. I dont mind paying charges but its being limited on the amount of money I can take out at one time is the killer...

so.. does anyone know a bank in ireland that offers good/on par rates on withdrawing money from atms abroad and that doesnt have a limit of €100 a day... a €300-400 limit would be perfect..

cheers for the help!

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dunno what bank would offer particular limits but I used my credit card to store cash for withdrawal before travelling to America last year. I withdrew it at a bank which didn't charge anything other than their exchange rate, I'd presume, unlike their ATM outside which charged 3 dollars per transaction!
There's also no fee that I could see for withdrawing from the credit card (as long as it's your money that you lodged, i.e. in debit (?) ), unlike when withdrawing from a current account with an ATM/Laser card.
If you plan on purchasing things with your credit card or paying for accommodation, you could get a second credit card specifically for withdrawing cash. You would be liable for stamp duty on it though... So the cost may outweigh the benefits. Unless you're looking for convenience more so than actual cost.
Stamp duty is supposed to be a charge for the year if you've used it, so I don't know if that would apply if you'd used it in debit with your own cash or used it at all... Something worth asking the bank maybe?

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