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Why dd they cancel it? Were the ratings that bad or something?

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There's only so long it could have gone on for, the show's villain was always going to go Glaber->Crassus, a season on the minor responses by Rome in the interim would just have been filler, the show needs an antagonist and Crassus is it and we know how that showdown ends

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Headshot said:
Why dd they cancel it? Were the ratings that bad or something?

Ratings were good, as I'm sure our in-house ratings expert will confirm. I reckon the show was just a bit too expensive for the Starz network so they wanted to wrap it up while they were ahead.

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i though this series was fantastic, i only saw season 2 first, watched the whole thing then went back (if Pulp Fiction can do random time order, then so can I) and watched season 1 - Season 1 was even better that the second, a real shame that the star died. Im very looking forward to seeing teh Documentary Andy Whitfield made Info Here , before he died.

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Cost. Money talks and stars probably feel they can get more bang for buck by cancelling it. The thinking is probably they can create 3 shows with the money saved and one of them will become a hit.

Personally, I think it's a bad move. A show like this won't lose it audience and I think they will regret cancelling it in the long run.

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Jesus, I am pissed off I found out about that documentary, I do not want to watch that but I will have to So sad



OMG!!!!....the final series looks.....EPIC!

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