ambid Registered User

Kamara and Chapman look like they're about to strain something in the after photos!

Michael 09 Registered User

Is it just me or is Ben Sheppard the only one in half decent shape?

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brownej Registered User

Why are they all a different colour in the after photos?

ferike1 Registered User

Tan + photoshop do wonders for one's complexion

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amg-slurp Registered User

Didn't help Kammy in the first place so!
Just saw it took himjust over 4 weeks, and he's gone back to old diet and regime since.
Hardly worth it


Kammy looks awful, like a melting wax model of Hulk Hogan


ferike1 Registered User

This sort of stuff should be illegal. Then again, you can't really make human stupidity illegal!

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