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Can anybody here tell me if this is this a non-denominational school, a Roman Catholic school or a multi-denominational school?

I would also appreciate any pros or cons about this school from any parents who have children going there, or who considered sending their children there.

And you can send it by PM in case posting it breaches any rules or makes you uncomfortable.


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It looks to be a VEC, they are the third option to Roman catholic and educate together

"Scoil Ghráinne will be inclusive of all religious beliefs and recognise, in as far as possible, the wishes of parents to have their children receive instruction in religion and faith formation. The school will acknowledge and respect the diversity of values, beliefs, languages and traditions in Irish society and operate in a spirit of partnership between patron, teachers, students, parents and the wider community served by the school."

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Thanks oblivious, I did see that today but I wasn't sure if it still applied given that its not exactly up to date information!

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