Armaghmagic Registered User

Does anyone know why the Garda Helicopter was flying around Drogheda this morning about 10am? Did a fair few loops then hovered above West Street!

Kristopherus Registered User

Why 2 threads???

Armaghmagic Registered User

The first one said there was an error so I opened another one but first one obviously posted anyway.......can a Mod please remove this thread? Thanks

KKV Registered User

Are you sure it was the Gardaí? Heard it very loudly/closely over behind my area, which is usually when the Coast Guard are taking a mooch around the river area (never a good sign).


Two possibilites. Training, or dealing with an incident. I also saw it over Kilkenny on Monday, along with a lot of ARU around the place.

Armaghmagic Registered User

Thanks Coco, never thought of training....

Good point KKV, but no.......was definitely the Garda chopper!


Is it not allowed fly over drogheda?

Armaghmagic Registered User

Of course it is.....just wondering why it was!

kub Registered User

Armaghmagic said:
Of course it is.....just wondering why it was!

Anything to do with all the brothel arrests I wonder?

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