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Staying in Monkstown soon. Was wondering if there is anywhere to go for some cool crisp beers and a late bar etc?

(we are all mid 30s)


uch Registered User

Walters in Dún Laoghaire opens late Thurs, friday and Sat till about5 2:30am Good live music too

omega666 Registered User

Go to Gilberts and Wright its right beside Monkstown, or head down to the Forty foot across from the pier. Both of these are in Dun Laoghaire but only
a short walk.

Or stroll over to Blackrock, about a 25 min walk.

Dont go to Walters its a dive.

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Grid. Hosted Moderator

Goggins is decent enough, respectable crowd.


I like The Pub.
For late bar I'd go to tonic in blackrock or gilbert and wrights as previously mentioned. Personally I think walters has gone way downhill.

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rubadub Registered User

Walters is the far side of dun laoghaire from monkstown if walking, it does have a good selection of beers on tap & bottle though.

Have yet to be in Gilberts, want to go, it looks nice & always have heard good reports.

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