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Ketuvim is a 4-piece original Alternative/Rock/folk band from Limerick
Influences: Smashing Pumpkins, David Bowie, Blur, Bon Iver, Supergrass, Thrice, Stevie Wonder, Bruce Springsteen,

We seek a committed enthusiastic bassist with experiences no beginners,
for a hard working band serious but not to serious always fun involved.
age range between 24 - 34

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sorry can't PM you as I don't have the 25+ posts yet. I'd be interested however probably would be classed still as beginner. I used to play the bass about 15 years ago but stopped then and have just recently taking it up again.

I'm able to learn bass lines etc but I'm still struggling with free play and walking bass lines on the spot (obviously lack of practice).

I'm 34 (so just at the upper range )


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bass player 34yo

pro gear, experience in many styles


up for jam

please pm samples



ham_n_mustard Registered User

bass player, 34, bags of experience and pro gear
samples of recordings available if needed

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