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I'm looking to rent a house near DCU (and up to a 20 min drive away from it). Would you suggest a place I can start searching? Max I would pay to rent a house is about 800 per month.

I searched Daft.ie etc but no luck yet....

Any thoughts?

polkabunny Registered User

I would advise doing general Google searches, as opposed to searching just one site.
How far away do you want to live? If you want to live close by, I would advise searching for houses on Collins Avenue, St Pappins Road, Shanliss Road, Shanard Road and Shanowen Avenue.
If you are fine with living a bit farther away, your options are much more open. Good luck with the house search!

JewelMin13 Registered User

Maybe I know, but let me check in advance,ok I will inform you when I asked.

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