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Where is the best place near Dublin to get a relatively cheap but reliable beginner paintball gun?

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hi, at the moment its not possible to walk into a shop and buy a paintball gun, the rules on firearms and paintball guns are very unclear. you can buy paintball guns second hand in ireland or from the uk, i highly recommend this a its much cheaper. pm me if you want more info on what i would recommend as a beginner

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The law is'nt unclear at all anything over 1 joule is considered a firearm, paintball guns are around 16 so it is a firearm the same as an air rifle. So you need a license.
Section 3 you tick the paintball gun box.
Any firearms dealer can import a paintball marker for you or you could do it yourself.
If you want to do it yourself all you do is put a deposit on a gun in the uk apply for your license and once you get your license you apply for an import license and then you can have it posted to you.
If you try and bring one in from the uk and it is caught by customs you will be importing an unlicensed firearm which would'nt look too good.

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