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How available are spaces in the camp sites in the costal holiday areas, can they usually fit u in or is booking a week/ month in advance a complete necessity

Have been toying with the idea of a camper for a while but would like the idea of just droping everything and heading off when the unpredictable weather strikes if possible.....

dickwod1 Registered User

I headed off to Hidden Valley in Rathdrum on Friday only thought of it late on Thursday rang them early Friday and no bother plus we had a heatwave so it was proper busy... I think most of them are the same ring before you go but be there just after 12 noon to get a decent pitch (as the other campers leave at 12 noon).

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crackcrack30 Registered User

Good tip..... and thats just what i wanted to hear.........
I rang around to a few popular sites on saturday morning, no prob with spaces saturday....... they said the same, just ring ahead, but best book on bank holidays ect........


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