• Limerick (57.4%)
  • Galway (3.33%)
  • Dublin (30.78%)
  • Cork (8.49%)
hairyprincess Registered User

Monty Burnz said:
Have you ever been to Ballymote? There's a committee out on the road still waiting for the horseless carriage to arrive. Although technically it's probably not a city.

I've heard locals calling it Remote

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starbelgrade said:
It doesn't even appear on maps. You have to travel through a hole in time to get there.

Oh dear, Ballymote is in Co. Sligo.


Limerick it is, then...


Limerick is the worst of the four IMO but I don't think it's an absolute dump overall. Out by UL is well swish...


A lot of people voting Limerick have probably never even been there

Too busy reading scare stories from Paul Williams

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westendgirlie said:
I always thought Kilkenny was a city ?

so is waterford



Such a horrible accent

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141_Oscar_Mike Moderator

When visiting limerick i remember the 1st thing i saw was a prison to the left then a dump of a housing estate to the right

SEPT 23 1989 Registered User

Limerick is like a large halting site

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meoklmrk91 Registered User

Limerick will win that poll a 100 times out of 100, we can thank the media for that.

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KKkitty said:
Kilkenny City has many streets in its city centre and has the infamous Cats Laugh festival every year. It may not match up in size compared to other cities in Ireland but it's a city nonetheless. If you don't like Kilkenny City don't come to it simple as.


They didn't say they didn't like it.


Gummy Panda said:

Such a horrible accent

I was thinking more in terms of the architecture, the businesses there, the things to do, the atmosphere and so forth. I wouldn't have a breeze what anyone was saying to me in Stockholm, but I'd still say the city itself was nice.


meoklmrk91 said:
Limerick will win that poll a 100 times out of 100, we can thank the media for that.

Well, that and the fact that it is indeed a total dump. I speak as a man who has visited several cities - perhaps almost half a dozen.

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c_man Registered User

Limerick can be alright for a night out but I could never see myself living there.

grindle Registered User

Apart from the scrapping for lower places, wasn't this an obvious one?

Dump-wise, I'd go:

Dublin's got a lot of attractions that'd almost make me put up with the skangers and junkies, Galway's got too many culchies to appreciate the cultural side unhindered, Corks actually got more skangers than Limerick, but they're WAY less prone to violence and intimidation (maybe because the students in Cork aren't in a student ghetto?), and Limerick... has nothing, really.
A nice country-side to escape to?

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