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The salt and ice challenge is going around my daughters school, it can cause a 1st degree burn, please warn your kids of the dangers.

The principle talked to the school about it today and warned them not to try it. A few of my daughters friends tried it last week, none were injured but it can cause a nasty burn/bruise that takes 2 weeks to heal.

seamus Dental Plan!

Had to look that up.

Jaysus, children are dumb

An ice cube alone on the arm wouldn't do a whole lot of damage, it would just melt and maybe make you a bit cold for a while.

What the salt does is lower the freezing point of the ice and cause it to melt into water. This melting happens quite rapidly and in order to melt ice, you need heat. Pressig down on the cube means that this heat primarily comes from the skin, and the rapid transfer of heat through the skin literally burns it and damages it.

It's a minor, non-scarring burn but if you've ever burned yourself on the grill or something you'll know that it takes a couple of weeks to go away.

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Yup... kids are stupid... my sister done the American Dream when she was a teen, passed out and knocked her head off the kerb... ended up in A&E

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My daughter did it and ended up in agony..burn was similar to frostbite.
Stick with giving yourself hickies on the arm.

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Never heard of either of these, what is the american dream about January, sounds dangerous. I will def not ask mine about them in case I put ideas in their heads

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January said:
Yup... kids are stupid... my sister done the American Dream when she was a teen, passed out and knocked her head off the kerb... ended up in A&E

My brother did the exact same thing and cos he knocked himself he was kept in hospital for 2 nights . . dumbass.. he had never lived it down

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cbyrd, my sister ended up with a bump the size of a golf ball on her head. Wouldn't mind, she lied to my parents too, saying that she was chasing someone and fell. I only found out waiting for the school bus the next morning when everyone was asking me if she was ok. Eejit.

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I broke my sisters collarbone when we were aged about 14 doing the 'choking game'......
She was pretending to fall all day when we were trying it. My mam called us for dinner and so we removed all the cushions from the floor that we'd set up to catch her.
We decided to give it one last try, she started to fall, I thought she was messing again and so let her go without attempting to catch her.

She hit the bedroom door sideways and snapped her collarbone in half.
Had to pretend to my parents that she'd fallen off the bunk beds!!

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Bloody hell! I spent my teenage years avoiding pain never mind inflicting it on myself for the amusement of others! The most 'dangerous' thing we ever tried was putting blotting paper in our shoes in order to induce a faint. It never happened and I don't know if there was even any science to it or was it 6th years taking the piss out of 1st years.

In 6th class we never even dared pretend we were dead because there was that story of the girl who pretended she was dead and when the game finished (whatever the game was) she actually was dead. Something along the lines of mocking is catching I think.

Kitty, did you have your arm around her neck or how were you doing it?

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God that sounds very sore! When I was a kid we use to a!chinese burns and we would make each other faint. How silly kids are, but at least most of us grow out of it!

KittyeeTrix Registered User

up for anything said:

Kitty, did you have your arm around her neck or how were you doing it?

I don't want to reply on thread in case any young kids decide to try it out!!
I'll PM you

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My God, i'm a young enough parent but sometimes I feel so out of touch when I hear what the latest "craze" is....have resorted to googling stuff I hear my son talking about - bad times!!

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I'm in my mid 20's and we did the salt and ice when I was a teenager I remember once actually drawing a loveheart with salt and then putting the ice on my skin.

Seemed like a harmless laugh at the time but I can understand how horrifying it must sound.

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