SweetPea6 Registered User

Hi All-

Could anyone tell me how long the bus might take from around Taylor's Lane in Rathfarnham to the city centre (south)?

I think the route is the 61 or 161?


Persiancowboy Registered User

I'm qualifying my reply to you by saying i've never personally used this new route (61) but as a resident of Knocklyon, I know that it's one of those routes that goes all over south Dublin on its way into and out of town. You might be quiccker trying for a 16 or else walking to Ballyboden for the 15b

LXFlyer Registered User

15b (from Ballyboden roundabout), 61 from Taylor's Lane or 16 from Grange Road will all bring you into the city centre.

Off-peak the 61 is not that different journeywise from the 15b or 16, but would take longer in the morning peak.

Journey time off peak is about 35/40 minutes.

SweetPea6 Registered User

Thanks everyone!

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