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Just over two months ago, myself and my dad both bought Samsung Galaxy Aces from Three, and a lady that we know got one two weeks before us and was saying that it was great, so we bought it on her recommendation and the recommendation of the guy in the shop, which was fine. The phones worked great until about 8 weeks in, at which time the phone sometimes just goes into "Emergency Calls Only" mode - which I understand happens usually when the phone is in an area where there's no network signal. It sometimes happens to both of our phones, and sometimes just one of them when they're next to each other, and it happened in the Three shop and in the middle of Cork City - so it's definitely not a problem with signal in the area.

I'll get no notification that the phone has stopped receiving signal until usually hours later when I try to send a message or make a call, and it won't work, at which point I turn off the phone and on turning it back on I get a flood of messages and voicemails and 'missed call' text messages from the day, which has resulted in missing a number of important messages already. The lady that we know got the same phone has been having the same issue as us. So it's clearly faulty in some way.

We went into the Three shop in Wilton, and have been told that the best they can do for us is take our phones off us for a month and give us a pair of old, really basic Nokia handsets for that time period while they try to fix them for us - which doesn't work for us, as we need to have the internet access for our work while we're on the go, and that's the whole reason that we bought smart phones in the first place! Having a phone with no internet access for that period of time isn't a possibility for us...
We'd happily take a replacement handset that is internet capable for that time period if they want to send our phones off - or at this stage we'd happily take a refund for these handsets and go and buy smart phones elsewhere (they're not three months old yet, and are broken!), but the guy in the shop refused us both of these options, and now I'm just not sure where we stand. Has anybody had similar issues with Three?

I know when we were in the shop on Monday there was another guy in there who appeared to have a similar issue and had visited a number of different Three stores and was getting no satisfactory resolution for his issue either...so I know it's not just us.


Did you try updating the software through KIES? I have heard of these types of issues on Froyo, but the update to Gingerbread should fix them.

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I haven't tried updating Gingerbread, but I'll try it on mine and see if it makes any difference...

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n0irin said:
I'm just not sure where we stand. Has anybody had similar issues with Three?

If you buy unfit or faulty goods and you complain successfully to the retailer you are entitled to a replacement, a repair or a refund.

Knowing your rights will help you out and make things a lot easier for you. If you know your rights and can quote them in the shop with reference to the The Sale of Goods and Supply of Services Act, 1980 you will generally find it easier to get a better resolution for yourself.

Most firms will generally try a repair first as it is cheaper and easier for them but you can refuse and request a replacement or refund.

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