dave.bgr Registered User

Im looking for a cover/wedding band to join. I have being playing in my last band for 6 years. I been living in Los Angeles on performance visa playing original music for the last 3 years. Not really into playing original music anymore.

Im 25. Pro gear. I can do vocals (Not exactly a lead singer but i can singer but can do songs on my own). Im easy to get along with no ego or bs. Ideally i would like to join a band that has steady paying gigs but im open to see whats out there. Im not really looking to take on any original projects just yet.

Here's a clip of my last band.

hit me up if you have any questions.

urbanguerilla Registered User

have a look at my ad and let me know if its something you might be interested in. fire any questions you have at me. im up in north kildare quite a bit myself.


as the ad says, we have paid gigs every week, full PA etc and its just a case finding a replacement bass player.


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