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Summer at last!
Evening folks, wondering if anyone is having bother with their pear trees at this type of year?
Have a conference & some other variety in the garden, half standards planted 3 summers ago. They were in good leaf until last week, now the leaves have started to blacken at the tips and wither & I don't know why.

There's been enough rain & the site, while open, isn't overly exposed. This is the 2nd yr it's happened.

Any idea what could be the problem? Can't even get it to flower, hence no fruit since day one

Any advice appreciated...

magicbastarder Moderator

sounds like wind burn; they won't have liked the cold. they should start to recover soon...

pwurple Registered User

I got a bit of damage on pear trees. Mine is fungal I think. It has been very damp around here.

Alun Registered User

Same thing here. I have a conference pear that was doing great things until the recent cold spell set in. Had loads of flowers, and plenty of small fruits starting to form, but the leaves were still very light green and not properly unfurled in some cases. Then the wind/rain/hail/cold came and 90% of the fruit stems have dropped off and the leaves are showing signs of damage similar to what the OP described.

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I have same problem, this and last year, this is wind burn related most likely caused by recent cold and windy weather. Assuming all the blossoms did not blow off, you shouldbe fine and tree will recover

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